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Sorry for the long delay, I've been on vacation to Disney in early May (well if you can call that vacation... pff I was dead every night when we came back with the kids to the hotel) and then I gave three talks at DevTeach in Montreal last week.  DevTeach was awesome again this year lots of great speakers and good questions from the audience.  I gave a session in tandem with Mario Cardinal on Top Down design in Visual Studio Orcas, lets just say I was *very* disappointed with the state of the Team Architect SKU in 2005 and I'm not very much more happy with the Orcas version right now.  They will be adding support for Class Library as a power tool! this is great news but why not put it right in he product.  I don't understand it's not released yet so they are build things in parallel instead of baking it in the release.  We had about 30 people at both sessions and let me tell you there were not a lot of impressed people.  Looks like TA will be a dud it's and it's not even released yet.  I'll be reviewing Orcas in upcoming posts so stay tuned.

The second talk was on team build, how to setup and configure your build server.   Again about 30 people and they were very happy about the talk and the slide deck full of very useful link and best practices.  Quite happy with this one, I might give it again at a user group or code camp.

Disney Jour 1

My daughter, Annick and I

Good friend Joel Semeniuk and I

Mario and I in our "Top Down design with VS Orcas" talk



posted on Thursday, May 24, 2007 12:01 PM