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Well, Code Camp Montreal was a huge success, we add 320 register and about 260 showed up on a Saturday to attend the camp.  We had 12 speakers and 15 sessions.  In my two sessions I had about 70-80 people and it was great fun.  Lots of great questions and interest.

As I suspected, about 5% of the people are "actually" using TFS but it still generates a lot of interest, people want to move off of VSS but can't get their employer for small teams to purchase VSTx.  I suspect this is the main reason.   Another interesting stat I would say 80% of the room was still using VSS with is again not a surprise and a few using subversion.  I got through about 1/3 of what I wanted to demo, the product is HUGE.  I'm thinking of doing a workshop for everyone interesting and covering for a full day a lot more of TFS.  I'll try to arrange this with Guy the leader of GUVSM. 

I really liked the presentation I did on virtualization (the second one) I finished on the buzzer and there was a ton of great questions and people told me they learned a lot of little tricks and thing they hadn't tough about when using virtualization or thing they could do with it.  My plan was to get people to think of better ways to spend their time than mindlessly installing OSes or apps and getting to 'prepare' their virtual environment using Sysprep and using Differencing drives an undo disks.  I did a little demo of VSR2 extensibility using .NET by extending the demo the is available on MSDN here and creating a web site to launch the creation of VMs that can be used for say testing and when done, the use can simply destroy them to conserve resources (memory, disk).

All an all a great day, thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers, speakers and attendees for making this a great day.  Looking forward to the next one.


Now off to Seattle for a week ...



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