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So I just installed Vista RC2 and tried to install Visual Studio on it and kept getting a compatibility issue, I didn't have Windows XP SP2 ... well right!

So I started searching for a solution, first put autorun.exe in windows sp2 compat... no go, changed all setup.exe to run in windows XP SP2 compat ... no go.  I then stumpled on this blog entry

I refers to install VS on Windows XP SP1 (same kind of compat issue) but the trick work the same for this problem.  Essentially copy the VS directory from the install DVD to a disk, go to vs\setup and edit file vs_setup.pdi and comment out gencomp6 by adding a # in front of the line and then run autorun.exe like you normally would in the vs directory.  You should be good to go.  Then on to install SP1 Beta ohhh the joy.

Hope this help you guys on the bleeding edge...




Update:  This was a clean install of Vista RC2 using Team Suite.  This used to work fine for every build of Vista since B2. 

Update 2: After further investigation, operator error might be the cause ;-)... I'm a bit trigger happy in Vista when things don't install the first time, I usualy just go to the compatibility tab and tick run as XP SP2 and try again... well that might have been my problem, for some reason the compatibility layer in Vista can't handle installing VS as XP SP2.  The VS team will let them know about that issue.  I don't know what triggered me to set compatibility to XP SP2 in the first place but if I had gone back to regular Vista install it probably would have worked.  Oh well at least there was A problem not the one I tought.  Sorry for the confusion everyone.  BTW the tip I posted works as a work around to the XP SP2 compat problem at least.

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Posted on Friday, October 6, 2006 7:50 PM Visual Studio Team System | Back to top

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# re: Unable to install VS 2005 on Vista RC2 step right here
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Which build of VS were you trying to install? We have seen a problem with installing VS Express products because a prolem between our web downloader and Vista. Vista then restarts our web installer in compatibility mode which is why you see the error you are getting.

Thanks for the info!

-Bret Grinslade
VS/.NET Framework Deployment
Left by Bret Grinslade on Oct 07, 2006 7:41 AM

# re: Unable to install VS 2005 on Vista RC2 step right here
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It's Team Suite Brett. Installing studio as worked for every build of Vista since B2 but it's not on this build. For me anyway. I'd like to see if others are encountering this issue. I did a clean install of RC2.


Left by ET on Oct 07, 2006 10:35 AM

# No problems
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Hi Etienne, I did a clean install of RC2 over the weekend and VS2005 Team Suite installed first time without any problems at all for me other than the warning about SQL Server 2005 Express and SP2. It was Vista build 5744 and my experience is on my blog if you want more information.
Left by Anthony Borton on Oct 08, 2006 2:40 PM

# re: Unable to install VS 2005 on Vista RC2 step right here
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Yes I did notice that blog entry Anthony. I've been in contact with my Microsoft Product Team buddies all weekend exchanging email on what might have cause that problem. I suspecting an operator error on my part but we are still investigating. I'll post the result once we know.

Cheers and thanks for reading... ;-)

Left by ET on Oct 08, 2006 5:00 PM

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