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Nullable's are baked into the runtime now, good call

Paul Wilson had a gripe a while ago about Nullable types.  I knew where he was coming from, since he most likely encountered the issues when addressing Nullable type support for the latest builds of his Wilson ORMapper project.

Along the lines of Steve Ballmer's now infamous “developers developers developers!” line,  apparently Microsoft has decided to make a potentially difficult change late in the cycle.  For that I applaude the team or teams involved for at least trying to do the right thing!  It's actions and considerations like this that truly begin to bridge the gap between the guys creating software for developers and taking those developers that they target into consideration during Microsoft's product developement cycles.  Just because of this, I'll put all my past differences aside and smile, because of considerations like this, we all win.

I'd like to personally thank all the people involved in that decision.  In addition, if you need another “test runtime runner” I'd be glad to run all my v2.0 apps on it to make sure its working properly.

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