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Add References dialog load up is SLLLLLOOOOOWWWW. VS2003 and VS2005

Ok, just happened again, and its just gotta be addressed.

Opening the Add References dialog for the first time (per process basically) sucks.  It can sometimes take a good 5-10 seconds.  On average, its about 10 seconds on my slower laptop hard drive.  If the laptop starts being used after a scan of some sort (anti-spyware, virus, whatever), theres an additional paging problem which has pushed the Dialog to a load time of 30 seconds in several instances.

So, I filed a suggestion to make the Projects tab in the Add References dialog the default.  Why?  I would assert that most of the time, we're about to add a reference to a local solution project.  Here's a statistical analysis of why we're adding a reference:

- We've added a new project to the solution.  10 times out of 10, you're gonna wanna reference that project.
- We've installed a 3rd party library.   10 times out of 10, you're gonna wanna reference the 3rd party dll's.

I say overhaul that Add References dialog.  Make the Projects tab the first tab.  SOMETHING to eliminate all the .NET Assemblies from being parsed, potentially exploded by 3rd party installations installing their assemblies into the .NET Assemblies tab (via CommonAssemblies or whatever VS enumerates).

Vote on this, and hopefully we can get some traction on it.  Its such a simple change.

In the long term, I bet making the .NET Assemblies into a TreeView categorized by the source would be far better than the diarrhea of .NET Assemblies that it currently shows.

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