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TechEd in orlando, who's all here?

Me being busy with a project with a business partner, I hadn't been paying any attention to TechEd, not to mention the fact that its right in my back yard!  So unfortunately I'll probably miss it, the hefty price tag will be taxing to me right now, mainly due to the speculation of this current project.  Oh well, hopefully more conventions will begin showing up here in Orlando again...

Just wanted to see how many people are actually in “the city beautiful” (Orlando's motto, of which its very true, second in my mind only to San Francisco)  attending the show.

Incidentally, I just met a couple of fellas attending TechEd last night at a bar... They were looking for some night life.  As a seasoned veteran of Orlando's night life, I just told him to wait til Wednesday night... THEN it gets hoppin, all the way through to Saturday night.

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