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Recently I made the switch from having a local TFS deployment to using the hosted Team Foundation Service.  As I had been using it back when it was TFSPreview, there were projects that had been left over, I no longer need those projects.  Most of them were tests anyway.

But reviewing in reviewing the portal I was not able to find anything to do it from there. I have always been a fan of command-line style administration. In doing my research I came across posts that indicated this being possible by calling on TfsDeleteProject. With that, the way to get to use TfsDeleteProject is through the Developer Command Prompt for VS2012.  If you are a Windows 8 user, go to your Start screen, and type Developer Command Prompt, and there you would have it.  If you are a Windows 7, or have used my directions to the Windows 8 alternative for a Start Menu, then your path is Start > All Programs > Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 > Visual Studio Tools, and it would be on the list of items to select.

Now, do not try this on a real project you have, remember it will remove it entirely, no recycle bin!

The command then (all in one line):

TfsDeleteProject /q /force /collection:https://<your tenant name> “<Project Name>”

the /q switch for it to not ask for confirmation, /force is to delete even if there is data that can’t be deleted, and then /collection to point to the collection where the project to be deleted resides.

Sample Output


Posted on Saturday, May 4, 2013 8:11 AM TFS , Tools , Application Lifecycle Management | Back to top

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