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In the last number of days, I have come across the release of the Microsoft Office Division Demo VMs.  While a great asset, it is also quite large and it consumes a lot of resources, this being said as I have a Lenovo W530 with 32GB RAM, and 3 Hard Drives.  The download is a 56GB set, then expanded it comes to 220GB. That is just the storage piece. Then in order to get all VMs running, it requires 42GB RAM … not quite what I wanted in the end, but still useful in a given situation.

That brought me to a point I needed to decide the best path and approach to my own set. I figured I wanted to have something I could take on customer visits, and while explaining reference architectures and recommended approaches to the implementation then be able to show it.  With that said, it meant having a domain controller, a database server, a SharePoint server, and an Office Web Apps box. And also, decided to add a client OS to the mix.  All in all the following table defines the distribution in terms of machines, memory and OS used.


Machine Memory OS
Domain Controller 768MB Windows Server 2012 Datacenter – Core
Database Server 8GB Windows Server 2012 Datacenter – Core
SharePoint Server 12GB Windows Server 2012 Datacenter
Office Web Apps 4GB Windows Server 2012 Datacenter
Client 4GB Windows 8


The other goal I had was to make sure I had all this scripted, and even in a VM template in case I need to blow it all away and start from scratch without taking long hours or even days to provision again. I can say … Achievement Unlocked!! This will be, for many reasons, a multipart post.  The posts at this point will be (links will be updated as posts are completed):

Configuration of Hyper-V and creation of VMs
Installation of OS and Prep for Windows Server Core
Installation of AD on Windows Server Core
Installation of SQL Server on Windows Server Core
Installation and Configuration of SharePoint Server 2013

There were extremely useful resources in making this happen, here is the list of them.

SharePointRyan :

Installing SQL Server 2012 on Server Core


Craig Lussier :

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