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One of the concerns I had in using a Surface RT was the need I have to be able to post.
Recently, and not so recently, I have stopped posting. Between getting busy, carrying different devices. Well, it has been hard to do.

Tried doing that with an iPad, and I can't say it didn't work, it just didn't work for me. Again, back to the concern with the Surface RT. But, looking at the App Store I started getting that same frustration I had with other platforms that left me with a feeling of "I have to compromise because I am on a SubText platform". So, I stuck to posting from Windows Live Writer (great tool!).

This whole situation made me think and rethink my strategy, and then … a big DUH! What about using Microsoft Word 2013 for that? Would it work?

So, here is the test!

Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2012 11:02 AM Misc | Back to top

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