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Dare posts On the $100 Laptop and Africa and the post evoked a couple of responses.  Just to level-set with everyone, I'm Nigerian and this isn't only by association i.e.having a Nigerian last name.  I'm just as “Nigerian“ as the next “authentic“ Nigerian you can find.

I definitely see where Dare is coming from, afterall I remember being in a conversation with someone who considered themselves enlightened.  We were discussing the misuse of money in the US.  This individual actually had the courage to ask “...imagine how many huts that would build in Eb's village.”  Some people can be totally clueless.

However, I do think there is a point in the article (event though it might have been lost in the uproar it caused).  Dare mentions how “in Nigeria there are probably more cell phones per capita in major cities than in most parts of the United States.”  That is part of the problem, technology advances are unfortunately causing people to forget about the basic problem.  Why is it cyber cafes (as they are fondly called there) are the base for all big scam (419) operations?  A lot of people I know have cell phones, but they can't even afford to “load the phone with credit” and make a call to someone in the country!  Let's be real.

So while I agree that “[sic] it isn't all one freaking desert with bony kids surrounded by flies from South Africa to Algeria” and that the so-called “middle class” can afford such - heck Computer Village in Lagos is doing quite well, we do need to put this in perspective.

Then again, is someone really trying to advance technology or make a quick buck?

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