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Udi, once again posts a brilliant article here.  Specifically in Microsoft-dom, “Connected Systems” is definitely the mantra.  However, I look at this slightly different from how Udi looks it.  I take it to mean: How Can We Connect Everything and Anything with Everything and Anything in the simplest way possible.  For some, this is a big issue and for others (due to whatever requirements they have), it isn't.

I think you need to figure “how to connect” before figuring out “what happens when I can't” and I believe “Connected Systems” tries to solve the former problem.

Having said all this, most developers developing distributed proprietary systems don't take time to to think about what would happen if the “other side” is not available.  Then again, most developers don't think about “what if the data is null” or “the file does not exist”.  Is this really a “Connected Systems” issue?  I don't think so.

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