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Well, it was a busy summer. With events ranging from sporting events with the kids, mowing the lawn, and writing a book the summer just flew by.

Book? Yes, I wrote a book. Around March of this year I was contacted by Wiley Publishing to write a title for their Wrox imprint on VMware Server. You know, VMware Server, the free virtualization package for servers that VMware released around August of this year. This is one of the first titles released that covers VMware Server, which is something I'm very proud of.

Now this isn't your normal click here and go there type of book. I approached this title with the software development team in mind. Of course I splashed in my normal rant about writing software within virtual machines. It just wouldn't be me if I didn't. However the real meat revolves around VMware Server automation with CruiseControl.Net and Visual Studio Team System.

That in and of itself is a little vague so let me expand slightly. It doesn't take much to realize the value of testing software releases in virtual machines. Multiple operating systems spread across several different virtual machine images make testing and post release support child's play. The key is integration into your build environment. While the book covers setup of VMware Server as well as the creation of a base image library and tips to keep your environment organized the latter half is devoted to the integration of VMware Server directly into your build environment. I show how you can easily kick off nightly builds that seek out the proper test images, fire them up, and upload testing payloads to them for easy access.

To support this title I’ve created a new site called The Virtual Machine Coder. This site will augment the book material and provide a convenient jumping off point for further discussion and articles on the subject as well as software development in general. While the book revolves around VMware Server itself you’ll find I have a growing fondness for the Microsoft virtualization offerings as well. Please check it out, add it to your blog roll, and subscribe to it in your favorite reader.  I'll be moving my regular blogging over to the new site as well.

Professional VMware Server Cover
  • Professional VMware Server (Eric Hammersley)
  • Paperback: 456 pages
  • Publisher: Wrox (Available: December 11, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0470079886
  • Available at and all major Book distributors
Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2006 7:31 PM Software , Internet | Back to top

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Hi Eric,

We heard about your book and are interested in interviewing you about it. If you'd like to work with us, drop me a line at the email given. :)

Hannah Drake
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Left by Hannah Drake on Jun 22, 2007 12:23 PM

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Thank you for information.
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