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Its season 5 of the best show on television and with that brings the Jack Bauer Carnage Counter.  Some of you might find it a little strange but hey, it’s a TV show.  At our house we keep track of how many people Jack kills, tortures, roughs up, humiliates and talks back to.  It’s more fun that it sounds.

Day 5: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

  • Dead – 4 (1 in the smoke around the helo, 2 in the sedan and the final one in the oil refinery after he confesses.)
  • Unconscious – 1 (A poor unsuspecting helo pilot / EMT, he never saw it coming)
  • Honorable Mention – 1 roughed up abused teenager in need of a serious haircut and some parenting.

Day 5: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

  • Dead – 0 Zip Zilch (After you’ve done this for a while you’ll realize it is a rare hour when Jack doesn’t kill someone)
  • Unconscious – 3 (Ok, so he knocked some people around this hour.  One FBI agent in the garage.  1 Secret Service agent in Wayne Palmer’s kitchen and finally 1 unidentified agent (probably Secret Service) in the stair well.)
  • Honorable Mention – Ok, so one person did die in close proximity to Jack.  Jack didn’t pull the trigger but the cyanide pill the guy chomped down on took care of it.

Chloe is growing on me as a character.  Sure, she’s annoying but ever since they put her in the field on Day 4 with an automatic weapon I’ve been fond of her.  I'm not sure I'm trusting that new boyfriend of her's.

I am sad to see the Edgar character back.  He just whined way too much for me last season.  Perhaps during Day 5 they’ll give him something more to do other than cry.

Stay tuned to tomorrow where we’ll surly up the death toll and if we’re lucky he’ll blow something up.

If you are playing catch-up or missed out on the first few seasons of 24 check out Jack Bauer on Wikipedia.

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