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Editors' Thoughts Aggregation Thoughts for 2006

Hello and Welcome to the Editors' Thoughts Blog for TechEd is next week and we can hear the excitement from the registered bloggers attending TechEd. Since April, John and I have been working with InDepth Technology again as the Aggregating Editors for and this year is definitely one of the most exciting. Today we are at 277 registered bloggers and we plan to see that be near 400 as the event is closer and begins. If you are attending, you need to register your blog to get your voice out there and let the world know what you think of this event and these sessions.

So what does an Aggregation Editor do? We read posts! Reading takes up at least 75% of our time. John and I go through over 1000 posts a day each and our job is to pick the best and most relevant posts to aggregate to the TechEdBloggers.Net site. The products we use are RSSBandit and InDepth's Aggregation Utility. After many trials of aggregators, RSSBandit is the most stable and performant aggregator we used. At different times during the day at TechEd, we import an OPML file for MSDNEventsBloggers.Net, TechNetEventsBloggers.Net, and TechEdBloggers.Net. This file is quite large, over 500 feeds, and is broken up for feeds that I read and feeds the John reads. We need to upload these files to find bloggers that register after our last aggregation to make sure everyone is getting an opportunity to speak if they are registered. RSSBandit does this very well! Here is a screen shot of Bandit in action during aggregation.

- Jeff Julian
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