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How old were you when you started programming?

I was probably in high school or middle school and was waaaay into role playing. There was a particular engine (Role Master) that was ridiculously complex in maintaining character stats and skills. Tired of constantly rewriting stuff, i decided to make a massive excel spreadsheet that would do all of the calculations for me. It blew away the group with its awesomeness. :)

What was your first language?

Excel? ;) HTML -> CSS -> MacroMedia -> ASP -> .Net

What was the first real program you wrote?

It was for my first job. It was basically screens over data.

If you knew then what you know now, would you have started programming?

Yes! I probably would have started sooner as well. I didn't really come into my programming shoes until after I graduated college. It was while being a technically competent business person that I evolved into a developer.

If there is one thing you learned along the way that you would tell new developers, what would it be?

Don't accept the Microsoft (or anyone for that matter) way of doing things. Constantly question the reasoning for doing anything. Seek out people smarter than you on any subject and listen to them. Don't settle with one smart person, listen to people on the other side of the fence too. Oh, and read 'Pragmatic Programmer'.

What's the most fun you've ever had ... programming?

Working on my laptop in China completely rewriting an application from WebForms to MonoRail ('Castle On Rails' at the time) and seeing the massive benefits. There was a similar feeling when I moved to NH and needed to make a change and it took me 2 minuets to code.


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Definitely going to blog this little questionnaire as well!
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Grrr. I thought I could keep away from this... :D
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