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I had the opportunity to judge the Imagine Cup competition at Miami University last week and at The Ohio State University today. I really appreciated the chance to be involved in the academic community and see how students are imagining solutions for problems they see in the world today.

All of the students had some really excellent ideas. Some of them were better at presenting their vision than others. Ultimately, the ability to clearly articulate the problem and the solution proved to be a deciding factor at both schools.

The winners from both schools have a lot of work in the next two weeks to prepare for the next level of competition. Most of the demos were hard wired and unpolished. It will be crucial to identify the parts of the application that will leave the biggest impression and make sure those parts work flawlessly. After each of the competitions this past week, we tried to give some critical feedback to help the students understand the importance of the presentation.

So, I think the number one recommendation for teams in the Imagine Cup competition is to drop a feature or two if that's what it takes to have time to prepare a stellar presentation that convinces the judges that your idea will change the world.

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