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Time for the Monday Postback (08.09.2010), this is where I'll do a brief rundown of last weeks progress here at dotGeek.

Kind of easy to report back with not a whole lot really in the beginning, having just started things off... but here goes nothing.

So I've settled on the template "Dirtylicious" and kicked things off this past Friday with my first post. Took me just a bit to find the templates, they seemed to be wedged between things and not really obvious. I suppose I was just use to some of the other blog sites. Not to worry, I went through a few and think I found one that is simple, clean, and suits me just fine.

Well I took my first steps towards learning a Programming Language this past weekend and began researching C#. I think the saying goes, "All things begin with that first step."  I plan to report back later on this week after I've taken just a few more steps on this new quest of mine. Moving from Designer towards more of a Developer or should I say becoming a Devigner?

What else? Oh my passion for WP7 is never ending and I'm actually working on writing for a few Gaming Community Sites and pitched the idea to start covering Devs who are working on WP7 games. I've contacted half a dozen this past weekend and received some good responses back. I've already started to interview a few of them and I'm looking forward to writing up the interviews and launching the new section very soon. I plan to post some links here to these stories later as well.

That's about it, other than kicking around a few ideas in my head that I hope to present here later this week. Simple recap of things that went down. Thanks for stopping by now, I think I'm going to watch "The Spirit" on Blu-Ray, all thanks to Netflix. 

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