Sitting here watching Adrian Wible run the eXtreme Programming Lego game.

~ 40 people have been split into 6 groups, each with a number of cards describing customer wishes and a pile of legos.

Pictures at:

Video :


Process shortened for the 1.5 hr meeting. The goal is three iterations.

Step 1: Estimation: 10 min - Relative difficulty

Step 2: Prioritization: 5 min. - What is the most important

Step 3: Signup: 5 min - What to do for the 1st iteration (5 min)

Step 4: Development: 5 min - Implement the signup

Step 5: Testing / Totals: 10 Min - Measure actual against estimated effort and the signup / actual value

Step 6: Retrospective: 5 min - Have both customers and teams review work.

 Iteration #2 - 40 min - More requirements

 IPM Iteration Planning Meeting - 20 min
  - Estimation
  - Prioritization
  - Signup

Then steps 4,5,6 repeated.

Only got through 2 iterations by 8:45 pm so cut it off there. The 2nd iteration for all the teams was both more productive and generally much closer to the estimate.

This is giving us a lot of ideas for future meetings!

Does anyone else have interactive games like this??