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Thoughts on Dexter Finale – Spoiler Warning In Effect

Monday, September 23, 2013 12:06 AM

Tonight, at 11:00 PM central time, I found myself on a table in a kill room; one of the multitude of final victims of Dexter Morgan.

Oh, many will bemoan how the series ended. “It didn’t make sense!” “The writing was horrible!” “What a stupid way to go out”

We struggle to make sense of it all as we fight against the plastic keeping us attached to Dexter’s table.

But what should we have expected?

This final season wasn’t about Vogul or her killer son, it wasn’t about Hannah, it wasn’t about Deb…those were mere distractions to the underlying plot – the final conclusion to the question of what Dexter really was. Vogul, Deb, Hannah – all offered Dexter a gift: Humanity. Emotion, love, redemption – could Dexter live in a world that went against everything Harry had instilled in him?

We were all rooting for him. We wanted him to have a happy ending. We wanted it to end with Dexter, Hannah, and Harrison in South America, with Deb showing up to visit. Dexter would look down the beach and see Harry smiling approvingly, and we could go to bed happy knowing that they all lived happily ever after.

And we were fooled just like Rita, the police department, and for most of the series Deb. Because what we forget is that Dexter is a serial killer void of emotions and driven by a code taught to him by Harry. In this season he stepped outside that mold, tried out humanity, and realized that in the end it wasn’t for him. Even the scene where he ends Deb’s life – it wasn’t out of some emotional point of moral ground but out of duty to “protect his sister”. Dexter realized that what Hannah wanted and what Harrison needed he just couldn’t give.

Dexter is a serial killer and a psychopath. He’s not a good guy, even though we cheered him on as an antihero all these years. Dexter’s internal conflict was always between his surroundings and Harry’s code. Note that in this episode we didn’t see Harry once – because Dexter didn’t need him anymore. His conflict was resolved, he accepted who he was.

And so as the knife plunges in we look up asking why – why did it have to end the way it did? As a father, the biggest issue I had was understanding how he could just let his son go. What type of father would just abandon his son like that?! But I have a conscience, a moral compass, a love for my family. But Dexter…

The title of the episode was “Remember the Monsters?”. I think we forgot Dexter has been a monster all along.

Goodbye Dexter, its been a slice of life.


# re: Thoughts on Dexter Finale – Spoiler Warning In Effect

I saw an interview with the series creator. He knew that however it ended, someone would be upset. Those that wanted dead, those that wanted him arrested, those that wanted what you described, happily living in South America. In the end, the creators, producers, and writers, decided to end it in a way that brought them satisfaction. That's not to say the ending didn't have problems. How did he get from driving his boat into the hurricane to the timber yard? How does Hannah feel about having Harrison forced upon her? What would Harry say? 9/23/2013 8:19 AM | Craig Berntson

# re: Thoughts on Dexter Finale – Spoiler Warning In Effect

I agree in 100%. You have put it all together. londonescortsfile.com 2/9/2018 7:53 AM | Dako29

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