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Microsoft PDC10 – A Sign of the Times

Monday, July 12, 2010 8:25 AM

When I did the Prairie Developer Conference it was with the idea that you don’t need to have a large-scale event to have a quality event. Other conferences like DevLink, CodeStock, and HDC are smaller scale yet all very successful, and it was their model that I tried to emulate.

Contrast that with Tech Ed and PDC events from the last few years. Large cities (New Orleans, Orlando, Los Angeles), large venues, large staff requirements, and large…well, pretty much everything. The feedback I’ve heard from friends that went to the recent incarnations of these events was “meh”. Especially TechEd New Orleans, where complaints ranged from the cramped convention centre to the lame (their term, not mine, I wasn’t there) attendee party. The value proposition for these large scale events is diminishing.

Enter Microsoft PDC10, which is a refreshing change from the traditional PDC events and also a sign of the times when it comes to cost savings and delivering more (hopefully) on the steak and less on the sizzle.

PDC10 will occur at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, a far cry from the LA convention centre! Cost for this event is cheap by PDC/TechEd standards: a mere $1000 USD! It’s also not the week-long event, and instead will occur over a two day span.

It’s obvious that Microsoft realizes organizations can’t afford to send people off for a week and pay large amounts of money for (in PDC’s case at least) an event that talks about what’s coming soon, not what’s useful now. And for Microsoft, it makes sense too. They just recently did another round of layoffs and while their nowhere near hurting, they obviously need to be more careful about spending.

Attendees want to go to events that are successes, and reducing it to 2 days at a smaller venue and with a lower cost, I think PDC could be a great success this year.


# re: Microsoft PDC10 – A Sign of the Times

I think this actually is a cost cutting venture on MSFT's part, not to have to send people to a city, not to contract with a convention site and not have partners involved and really no real news not really. Looks not very organised. They have not even blocked hotels, nor airlines for potential attendees. Looks like only devs from the local NW area will show. I don't think it will be sucessful from a partner position, nor an industry position. Sorry just don't see it. 7/16/2010 3:35 PM | MSFT Marketer

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