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The Sunday Night Before PDC Adventure

Monday, October 27, 2008 3:11 AM

And so begins our tale of the night before PDC. It starts with .Chris and I hitting the hotel and changing into something more presentable for the evening offerings. Then it was off to have dinner with the O’Reilley folks (Thanks again for dinner Laurel!). Good times, good discussion…

We then started the marathon walk to Casey’s for Party With Palermo. But when we got there, we noticed an interesting site…


That’s right…those are people all lined up around the railing, looking down into Casey’s. The guy at the top of the steps with the green shirt on explained that they were never this busy on a Sunday night, and that unfortunately they were at capacity! So these people were WAITING to get into the PwP!


To vent our frustration, we began to cheer anyone that came out of the bar. This caused some mild hilarity in the face of realizing that we would never get in and taste Casey’s lager wares.


But we realized that Infragistics was giving away these green shirts that said “I got lucky at PDC”…we HAD to have them! Luckily Miguel and Ted pulled through for us, and photo ops and hilarity ensued…


Amanda, Sean (Shawn? sp?), and Eric Cote’s gf Valerie


Amanda, Doc, and Laurel


Two incredibly sexy men. Btw, yes my hair *was* that good.

So then we get to the MSDN party, and somehow get ourselves in without actually being on the list (to be honest, this would be a recurring theme of the night…but it got the party going pretty strong).




I ran into some buds like Alan Stevens as well as James Kovacs. John Bristowe, Jean-Luc David, and many, many others were also at the party…and were still there when Chris and I left.


And so our day ended…but our morning is early and our schedule is *packed*. More to come on Day 1 of PDC.


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