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Apparently nobody in Seattle eats after 10 PM...

Friday, April 18, 2008 12:27 PM

I was here in Seattle a few years ago and I remember my wife and I driving around for HOURS looking for a place to eat...and finding nothing...and going back to our hotel and ordering pizza.

I have two similar stories to add, and let this be a warning to you if you travel to Seattle and like late-night snacks/eating.

Wednesday Night

This was the EMP party night, and after coming back to the hotel and hanging out with the gang in the lobby for a bit, I called it a night...well, I intended to. What I really decided was to go up to my room, drop off the camera, and then head out to the McDonald's at the corner to grab a late night bite. Unfortunately, it was closed (this was 12:20 AMish). But I figured "Hey, this is Seattle, a major city in the USA! There *has* to be somewhere to eat." So I started walking through downtown Seattle.

I eventually came to the Sheraton where another group of MVPers were partying, and Caleb, Ryan, Susanna, and another Canadian MVP who's name I never caught but who looked GREAT in a blonde wig, decided to go hang at this place called 3 Doors...where I hoped I could get food.

I did not. The kitchen was closed. So after all that walking (and some "refreshments" along the way), we went back to the hotel and I just went up and crashed...no food for me this night.

Thursday Night

So last night, I'm feeling like some food (I napped for most of the evening...just totally crashed). I decide to walk out to the McDonald's at the corner, especially considering this was only like 10:30ish. IT WAS CLOSED! Now, realize that back in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, which has a population FAR LESS than Seattle, we have 24 hour McDonalds...let alone all the other restaurants that are typically open until midnight.

Back to the hotel...look over the room service menu...it all looks horribly overpriced and not too appealing. I decide that I'm going to go walk around in a different direction and see what I can find. IT'S NOW RAINING. Sonofa...

So maybe I can find a pizza place to order pizza from. Now, if you do a Google map search for Pizza and Seattle, you get only a *fraction* of the actual places....and all the places listed CLOSE AT 10! What Pizza place closes at TEN?!

It's a good thing that I tried a search for Domino's and finally was able, at 12:30 AM, to get dinner delivered.

So the moral of the story: eat well when you CAN eat, cause otherwise you're scrounging at the later hours.



# re: Apparently nobody in Seattle eats after 10 PM...

I have always said that if New York is the city that never sleeps, Seattle is the city that goes to bed at 9:00. On Friday and Saturday it's easier to find places that are open. Otherwise, here are your options:

1. Beth's cafe- one of the only places that's open 24 hours. It's a greasy spoon but it's great. Quite a drive from the Westin though

2. 13 Coins- I'm surprised you didn't go there, it's walkable from the Westin. It's also open 24 hours and the food is decent. I recall the steak being large and tasty.

3. Belltown Pizza- they don't deliver but they're a pizza place and a bar so they're open until 2:00am. I recall their kitchen being open late also because I've eaten there while drunk. Might not stay open late on weeknights.

4. Taco del Mar- great burritos, the downtown stores used to be open until 2:30am but I think only on Fri and Sat

Too bad you didn't email me, I could have told you where to go. Better luck next time 4/18/2008 3:51 PM | Jeff Tucker

# re: Apparently nobody in Seattle eats after 10 PM...

Hey D'Arcy -- good to put a face to your name this summit!

There's a few places open late up by the U of Washington campus, on Broadway. It's only a mile East, but it's quite a hike because it's way up on a hill. To get up to Broadway you can take bus 12 or 43 from the cool underground bus terminal that lurks beneath Macy's. 4/19/2008 1:10 PM | Lorin Thwaits

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