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Canon SD 870 IS Review

Friday, April 18, 2008 3:25 AM

So I purchased a Canada SD 870 IS before coming down to the MVP summit. I was *very* happy with my purchase until just a couple of days ago.

The camera takes great pictures! They're very clear and colours are excellent. I do find sometimes the flash is a bit much, but I haven't played enough with what's available with shutter exposures to figure out how to tweak it.

The screen on the back of the camera is huge, and I don't miss the manual viewfinder at all!

All would be good...except for one thing: my camera is broken...but I didn't break it. We were at dinner the other night when I went to power up my camera and take some pictures. All was good. I went to turn the power off, and I heard a whirling sound and then a few beeps. My lens hadn't retracted though, and I got a message on the back saying: Lens error, restart camera.

The long and the short of it is now my camera is broken. I was able to get the lens back into the camera body and have it work for a short while, but soon it was doing the same thing. Even when I was able to get it *working*, the focus was totally fubar'ed.

Apparantly there are some Canon camera models that experience this, and from the forums I've read Canon isn't coming forward and admitting its a design flaw that they need to fix. There was talk on one forum about a class action lawsuit, but I don't know how realistic that is or how serious.

I know that Canon is a good brand, and I know people who swear by their Canon cameras. So the real moral of this story kids: it sometimes pays to get that extended warranty at Best Buy. ;)



# re: Canon SD 870 IS Review

Same thing happened to me! Canon SD 870 IS lens will not close and the focus is scued. The camera cannot be used. Purchased end of Feb. broke end of May. Not used much, but trash now.

I loved my Cannon SD 500, used it all the time. Only complaint that it did not take high capasity mempry cards. Worked great, but was stolen. 6/24/2008 1:31 PM | linda

# re: Canon SD 870 IS Review

I have the same camera (silver). We took good care of it. Almost exactly the same thing happened to me. I turned it on yesterday (Sep 13) to check on pictures in the camera, then turned it off, but it would not. The lens would not retract, heard the same whirring sound, + some beeps, the messages "Lens error, restart camera" appeared on the screen. I tried to turn it on and off a few more times, but I got the same result. I have to remove the battery so it would not drain. 9/14/2008 8:37 AM | Rene Enriquez

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