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Accept No Substitutes!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 10:15 AM

Apparently there are some that are trying to take away from my announcement that I am in fact the man behind the Alt.Net Pursefight blog. And when I say some, I mean basically everyone who looks up to me as their geek idol:

Bil Simser

Donald Belcham

Derik Whittaker

Sergio Pereira (arguably the most believable for including an endorsement by the Mad Mexican)

Tom Openorth

David Woods

and Kyle Baley (who no matter what he says was actually kicked out of Canada...he didn't leave on his own will)

Now we have some guy named Sean Chambers throwing his hat into the ring!

Look, I think it's detestable that all these wankers are trying to steal *my* thunder by prostating themselves as the brilliant mind behind Alt.Net Pursefight...which is an honor owned only by ME!

But see for yourselves! Read their ramblings and then look into your heart and you'll know who the *real* man is behind the blog.



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