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Dammit JIm (Duffy)....

Sunday, February 17, 2008 5:52 PM
For those that missed his post on the main feed, Jim Duffy has been accepted into the ranks of the RD's

Congrats to Jim...but...there's something wrong...something that has bothered me for some time. And now,  I think it only best that we air this out to the community to discuss it: Jim, you just was given the RD nod...can we once, just once, depart your blog with a HAPPY Ascii face?!

Every post its "Have a day : - | " Even after the RD nod, where it sounded like you were truly happy, we still got

: - |

There's no way that you can be exclusively bound to one emotion...and as I look at my self printed Dr. Phil Academy certificate on my wall, I tell you in brotherly-love that you need to express yourself...open up the locked door guarding the Duffy heart and express yourself. How about for the rest of the month we see a bit of variation, hmmm?

Have a happy day! : - D

Have an angry day! >:-\

Have a VS.NET 2008 shipped on time day! :-O

Have a Jesus Loves You Day! ><>

Have a I had too many beers last night and feel horrible day! :-|_ _ _ _(

Have a good day! :-)

Have a WTF day! :-S

Have a I have a great moustache day! : - {

Anyway, congrats Jim...have whatever type of day you want. But we're worried Jim...we're worried...



# re: Dammit JIm (Duffy)....

"Have a VS.NET 2008 shipped on time day! :-O"

LOL!!! Loved how that was slipped in there. 2/17/2008 11:31 PM | Justice~!

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