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Atlanta Falcons: You can stop kicking us now...no really...we're done...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 2:06 AM

What a horrible season for us Falcon faithful...a season that started with so much promise, so much hope...

Bobby Patrino was going to come in and help improve on Michael Vick's game. The NFC South never looked so ready to be picked over. Allstars like Alge Crumpler, Warrick Dunn, Deangelo Hall, and Matt Schaub were all confirmed, and up-and-commers like Roddy White and Jerious Norwood cemented the talent pool.

Then it all unraveled.

The Falcons, regardless of the reasoning, lose Matt Schaub...who then was arguably and now is obviously starting quarterback material.

Then Vick is charged with the Dog Fighting crap, which means that Joey Harrington becomes our starting QB.

After being released from Jacksonville, we pick up Byron Leftwhich and his medical bills.

Throw in a season full of losses, and you have a pretty horrible, throwaway season. But, at least there's always next year, and we can build on what's been started here.

Oh wait...Bobby Patrino resigned to go back to the college ranks.

Now, I know that no professional sports team should ever consider a season a "rebuilding year". You play to compete to win championships now, not in a year or two. But the Falcons are going to be fighting an uphill battle

- No solid starting quarterback
- No head coach
- Lots of frustration

Time to face this adversity and fight through it boys. Maybe some Christmas cards to Matt Schaub might be in order?



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