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3 Common ASP.NET Ajax Mistakes

Monday, October 29, 2007 6:24 AM

My talk at the Twin Cities' Code Camp was on Preparing for the Presentation layer, and we had a great talk about three things that you need to make a habit of when designing your presentation layer (I'll post about what they are in detail later).

One of those things was 'Know Your Tools', and the message I wanted to get accross was that we as developers need to understand how the tools and technologies we use or plan on using work under the hood and beyond the happy-rainbow demos we see at marketing events; only then will we be ready to give educated input in decision making discussions.

I used the example of the update panel to show how what we expected the control to do wasn't necessarily the case...that viewstate was sent fully on the non-postback-that-really-is-a-postback and how controls outside the panel would still get updated even though they wouldn't be rendered to reflect it. The point wasn't so much the update control itself but pointing back to that first habit of knowing your tools.

Dave Wards however has a great article that gives a closer look to the update panel's behavior, and I'd encourage you to check that out as it explains things beyond what was shown in my talk. You can find it here.



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