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Thank you Server, may I please have another IP?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 3:21 PM

I'm having some weird problems with some hardware. We're rolling out a solution using WYSE thin client terminals (Windows XPe). Great little devices...except apparantly they have a nasty habit of continually asking for IP renewals even though they have an IP address set with a week long lease time.

How often are they asking? To the tune of up to 5000 requests in a 24 hour period! Not kewl! We thought maybe it was just the ISP, but it turns out that two different ISP's in two seperate parts of the country are experiencing this.

Does anyone know what would cause this hardware wise or, even better, if this is a WYSE issue? We're obviously going to contact them about it, but was just putting it out to the blogosphere to see what hits I'd get.




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