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Thoughts from Ottawa Airport...

Friday, January 13, 2006 10:36 PM

So I’m writing this at 5:47 AM in the Ottawa airport. I’d be actually entering this straight into the blog, but the oh-so-wonderful pay-for-service wireless provider seems to be having problems…and now I just can’t justify paying $10 when they’re going to start boarding us in the next 10 minutes. (Note: I'm posting this at 1:34AM on Saturday...crazy day!)


Why don’t airports just add another little tax on (Lord knows they already do for other things) and make wireless internet FREE at airports? Make people still sign in and have to agree to terms and conditions so no illegal use occurs, but c’mon! There’s no reason why, here in 2006, there shouldn’t be FREE wireless access at all international airports.


So anyway, the funeral was yesterday and it was a really nice service. We do communion in our church ever month, but I hadn’t had a Catholic communion in ages (we use broken matzo bread, they use these awesome little wafers that just melt in your mouth). I got to be one of the pall bearers for my uncle as well, which I felt very honored to do. I’m glad that I was able to come out and be part of Dick’s service. He was a pretty amazing guy, and he’s already missed quite dearly.


Driving to Ottawa airport…UGH! You take this off ramp and all of a sudden you’re driving through the woods. “Great” I thought…”I’m heading to some hick town because I took the wrong turn.”. Turns out that no, there’s just a really heavily wooded area before the airport. Weird.


Almost boarding time.




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