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Thoughts from an Ottawa Travelodge...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 8:48 PM

What a long day...I'm exhausted...

The Flight
Remember how I mentioned I don't like flying? Well all was good until we came in for a landing. The buildings get bigger...bigger...there's the runway...wait...are we climbing again?! And why are the buildings getting smaller...smaller...turns out that the pilot decided they weren't able to land for whatever reason so we just circled and came in again. All good, and I applaud the pilot for not just risking it...just one small glitch in what was a pretty awesome flight. Westjet's “leather seats” are a little overated, but the satellite tv absolutely rocked

The City
I will never ever complain about the street layout in Winnipeg ever again. Whoever designed Ottawa assumed that drivers would NEVER want to do a u-turn. Now, being new to the city, I got turned around a little bit...mainly because I couldn't turn around anywhere! So trying to get to my aunt's house consisted of trying to just go south and west as much as possible until I caught a glimpse of their small, dimly lit street signs (even at major intersections). And forget eating...anywhere! When you live in Winnipeg, you get spoiled at how many restaurants are available and how late their open. Tim Horton's here aren't even 24 hours! But at least Pizza Pizza (which I totally overate tonight, but soooo goood...) and McDonald's are there...albeit not common.

The TimeZone
Do people really stay up during the week until 12:30AM to watch Conan Obrien?! Eastern Time sucks.

The Viewing
So the main event of today was seeing my aunt and family and going to the viewing. They did it really nicely, with alot of pictures of Dick (for those snickering, short form of Richard = Dick). There were alot of great stories shared about his life and who he was. That's when it kind of hit me: the body lying in the coffin wasn't my uncle; my uncle was the spark, the light, that moved that body. We all are. Our bodies are just a bunch of water and carbon and protien and whatever else...but the real measure of our lives are how we impact the people around us...what role we play in each other's lives. I think that I'm a better person for knowing Dick, but would other people say the same if it was my funeral?

It's late...I'm tired...emotional...depressed somewhat...and reading Ecclesiastes before bed probably hasn't put me in the most positive of moods (although there's alot of good stuff in there).



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Dare ya to read Job. 1/12/2006 9:02 AM | Jer

# re: Thoughts from an Ottawa Travelodge...

I already have.

D 1/12/2006 7:59 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

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