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This article reviews three open-source web service testing tools that might be useful if you don't already have one:

Here is an excellent article on types of memory leaks you can still have in a managed app: One thing I was blown away with was this code snippet that dynamically creates an assembly in memory: CodeCompileUnit program = new CodeCompileUnit();CodeNames... ns = new CodeNamespace("MsdnMag.Memo... CodeNamespaceImport("System... class1 ......

As well as introducing the Microsoft Fiddler Http Debugger, these two articles provide a good introduction to Http performance, caching and compression. ......

This article provides a nice introduction to Test-Driven Development (TDD) and a fair assesment of its advantages and disadvantages: It also included this nice little reference list of unit testing tools available for different programming languages: C++ cppUnit .Net csUnit C CUnit Borland Delphi DUnitDelphi JUnit extension for database projects DBUnit Java JUnit .Net library for database projects NDbUnit Oracle Unit Tester OUnit PHP PHPUnit Python ......