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John Bradley has just posted a great entry demonstrating how simple life is going to be for a Relying Party when it comes to OpenID Connect. I highly recommend you go and read it.The sample code in John’s post is in PHP so I thought I would quickly provide the same samples in C#. here we go.

Synopsis: Understanding exactly what is happening under the hood when it comes to working with OpenID and OAuth can be challenging even for the seasoned IDM developer. What I have found to help, is being able to see the communications between all the parties involved. Fortunately the DotNetOpenAuth library can be told to expose a plethora of information ......

Exciting news. I am proud to announce that Glenn Block from Microsoft will be coming all the way from Seattle to Scotland on the 12th March to talk to you!. Glenn is a PM on the WCF team working on Microsoft’s future HTTP and REST stack and has been involved in some pretty exciting and ground-breaking Microsoft development mind-shifts in recent times. ......

Here is a nifty little example of how to pipe console output to Microsoft LogParser, in this case the results of a ping against Google. ping -n 15 | "%pathTologparser%\LogParser" "SELECT TO_INT(REPLACE_STR(EXTRACT_... (Text,'time',' '),'ms','')) AS Response INTO Ping.gif FROM stdin WHERE Text LIKE '%%Reply%%' GROUP BY Response" -i ......

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