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And I have'nt made a post?  In all honesty, the trip to Japan really knocked the wind out of me.  So now it's pressing deadlines and fenagling conference calls.  I'm also in the process of learning some Japanese.  Its an interesting language, and as a developer, I thik it is constructed in a logical way thats easy to break down.  Easier in some ways than English, and harder in others.

I'm looking at doing another tech in 5 min soon, but i want to get your feeback first.  I'm kicking around these ideas for the next one, let me know which you guys would prefer.

2.Workflow Foundation (An Overview)
4.WPF (An Overview)

How many of your guys are all geared up for the Nextel Cup season?  Anyone watch the Daytona 500?  it was an AMAZING race, so expect my next tech in 5 min to relate ;)

I've also got some great news about Day of Dot Net.  We've got the gears turning on the conference and it'll be comming very soon.  We are getting some great speakers lined up, including several Ineta guys, some excellent local talent and perhaps a special guest speaker or two.  In addition, we will be giving away tons of swag.  Recently i just read that last year we gave away around $40,000 worth of the stuff and this year were looking to top that!

So there you have it.  Alot of fantastic stuff comming up in the near future, and an excellent way to kick off spring. 

Don't forget to drop a comment to let me know what you'd like to see in the next Tech in 5 min.


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I'm still confused by Nascar's last lap rule change about the yellow flag.....But then again, I'm a Mark Martin (Current Points leader) fan.

I'd be happy for a Nascar related Tech in 5 min...

Left by LJM on Feb 27, 2007 1:26 PM

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I think what it was is they had to have a yellow flag lap, so it went yellow , white, checkered, and ended up putting the race at 502 laps, but that was so they could finsh the race as a race, insted of leaving it up to the judges.

My take on it anyway :)

I'm leaning twords a tech in 5 min on multithreading using nascar as an example, But i'm afraid it'll have to be a Kurt_Bush thread that takes the pool ;)
Left by Dave Redding on Feb 27, 2007 1:46 PM

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