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Use the Cloud Driver to Access SQLite Data in Microsoft PowerPivot

Use the CData SQLite Cloud Driver to connect to live SQLite data in the PowerPivot business intelligence tool.

This article will explain how to use the cloud driver to provide SQLite data as OData services and then consume the data in Microsoft Excel's PowerPivot business intelligence tool. Follow the steps below to retrieve and edit SQLite data in Power Pivot. While the example will use the Salesforce Connector, the same process can be followed for any of the CData Cloud Drivers.

  1. If you have not already connected successfully in the cloud driver administration console, see the "Getting Started" chapter in the help documentation for a guide.
  2. In Excel, click the PowerPivot Window icon in the PowerPivot tab to open PowerPivot.
  3. Click "From Other Data Sources". In the Table Import Wizard that is displayed, select the "Other Feeds" option in the "Data Feeds" section of the list.
  4. Enter the OData URL of the SQLite Cloud Driver, http://localhost:8032/api.rsc.

    You will also need to add authentication options in this step. Click Advanced and set the Integrated Security option to Basic. You will need to enter the User Id and Password of a user who has access to the SQLite Cloud Driver.

    The URL of the OData endpoint for the cloud driver. (Salesforce is shown.)
  5. Select which tables you want to import and click Finish.

    Select tables in the Table Import Wizard. (Salesforce is shown.)
  6. You can now work with SQLite data in Power Pivot.

    The Pivot Table that is consuming OData feeds from the cloud driver. (Salesforce is shown.)

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