Creating an Analysis Services 2005 Solution from an existing Database

If you migrate an Analysis Services 2000 database to Analysis Services 2005 or if you have a database that has been edited directly you may find yourself without an upto date solution file.

This is only really an issue when you want to make changes to the database and test them in a separate environment. Even then it is not much of an issue as you can easily create an XMLA script of the database and deploy it onto another server or instance. But BI Development Studio (BIDS) solutions do have a couple of nice features, including being able to work disconnected and the ability check individual objects in and out of source control systems.

The process for creating a solution from an existing database is remarkably easy. In BIDS, go File -> New Project and then under the BI Project types, choose the option to import an Analysis Services 9.0 Database, select your server and database and you are done.

Print | posted on Monday, February 13, 2006 6:48 PM