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Whew - tired from last night's attendee party at Universal Studios.  Fun time - got there early and did the rides “downstairs” before it got crowded.   Lines for buses to get “home” were hellish.  Cut code for work when get back: bedtime = 2 AM

Longhorn / Whidbey “Deployment and Publish“ - still can't get this to work.   Went to hands on lab and tried to publish and deploy a simple app.   Interested in how things work when the network is not available.  Simulate this by stopping IIS on the local machine, where I'm serving up the app.  Using the “publish“ option in the Whidbey build menu -- set “check for updates at application startup“.  When a new version is available on the server, but IIS is down, user gets error -- can't check for updates. 

Argh !!  in this case, shouldn't the client just run the older version from the “cache“?



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I hear that it will use the cached version if IE is in Offline Mode. Have not verified this...
Left by Eron Wright on Oct 30, 2003 10:59 AM

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New here and first post.
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