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This is an excerpt from a conversation I had with fellow GWBer George Clingerman today. Not really suited for the main feed so I'm just posting it here.

Me: sometimes I look at my life and think... WTF?  not so much my present life, which is good, but all the near misses and BS over the years.

George: maybe that should be your blog tagline

Me: lol yeah... that would be a good one.

George: i've been kind of lucky because i haven't had too much BS throughout my life and i've discoverd the reason for that is because everyone else has

Me: dude parts of my life have been a redneck soap opera... I swear.

George: so i'm that guy that can be helpful and strong while everyone else is going through their shit

Me: thats a good guy to be.

George: yeah, i'm glad i can be

Me: ok I changed it.

George: i do get tired sometimes, but it's awesome being able to be there for someone going thru a real shit storm in their life and all they need is a little shelter from it for a bit
lol, nice

Me: see... here's an example of peripheral bullshit that doesnt affect me directly, but is stil a part of my life...
(background first....) my (first) wife & I met in the navy, and she left me after 3 1/2 years for this other guy...
ok fast forward to present
turns out the 2 kids she had while we were married, one is definitely not mine (I knew that) and the other.. well... turns out we arent sure.
so the guy she left me for, she married him about a year after our divorce.... (11ish years ago)
and recently, (heres the redneck part)
he left her for her brothers wife.

George: WOW!

Me: so not only did she and he destroy our marriage and his marriage at the time, but then he turned around and destroyed his marriage and his new girfriends marriage, who just happens to be married to his brother in law.

George: that's like a soap opera
i swear my wife saw that on Days of our Lives the other day

Me: so now he and my exwifes brothers exwife are married.
and hes suing my exwife for custody of the two girls. one of whom is his and the other who may or may not be his... both of whom have me on their birth certificate, because I was married to the mother at the time of their birth.

George: yeah, that's some stuff there

Me: surprisingly, I'm ok with all of it.

George: humans are amazing

Me: I do feel sad for the girls, but... I have no pity for my ex... she did the same thing to me.
the youngest girl is perfectly content living with mommy or daddy and doesnt really have much opinion one way or the other. the older girl actually remembers living with me as a very small child and has expressed a desire to live with me again when she starts high school.
She has no desire at all to live with the guy who might actually be her real father and who raised her for 10 years before bailing... she (the daughter) has also FLAT OUT refused to take a paternity test because she doesnt want to know.

George: wow, that's impressive that you've had that kind of effect on her
true display of your character there

Me: I actually have a great relationship with both girls. I have provided medical coverage and child support for almost 10 years... ever since the divorce.

George: that's awesome that you've done that

Me: thx

George: man, i wish the news was filled with stories like taht

Me: heh...

George: maybe everyone wouldn't be so depressed all the time

Me: i always had the philosophy of not punishing/blaming the kids for the sins of the parents.

George: you're like a tattoed Dr. Laura

LOL and that's pretty much the end of the conversation. I just wanted to preserve this for later.

Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2006 1:14 PM General Interest | Back to top

Comments on this post: redneck soap opera

# re: redneck soap opera
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"a tattoed Dr. Laura"

You know you're NEVER going to live that down, right?

Man, I bet you and I could exchange some redneck stories. I have a doozy about my man that I would love to share with you some time :).
Left by Jason Olson on Jul 13, 2006 3:56 PM

# re: redneck soap opera
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I had a feeling I'd regret that last line...

feel free to email your redneck story.

Left by Blogus F'n Maximus on Jul 13, 2006 4:03 PM

# re: redneck soap opera
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Since you're changing things on your blog anyway, how about "Lauranius Maximus". The domain name is available; I checked.

Left by Theo Moore on Jul 14, 2006 5:29 AM

# re: redneck soap opera
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funny, but no.
Left by Blogus Maximus on Jul 14, 2006 5:34 AM

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