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Sorry for not posting more frequently, been pretty slammed with work (although I'm digging it.)

Been working on my mame cocktail cabinet a fair amount lately. The guy who sold it to me didn't take great care of it and it has some issues. We've narrowed down most of them, so I'm swapping out cables and parts here and there trying to get it back up to speed.

Also working on my standup Crystal Castles game. The board and monitor work fine, but the trackball is crap. (I knew this when I bought it.) The cabinet is also a little rough, so I'll probably be stripping it and redoing it. Gonna grab a new lightup trackball assembly via Happ (~$50) when I have some extra cash then I should be all set.

Finally got the D&D Tower of Doom game in the house (from the garage) so I have all 4 arcades up and running in my game room. Once my Mystara boardset and stuff get here, I've got an empty 4 player cabinet waiting for it. I am pretty excited. The boardset is coming from Italy, and includes an extra Tower of Doom set that I don't really need so I'll be selling it to recoup some expenses.

What else? Hmmm still unpacking. Work is good, life is good. Things are definitely better than they were.

posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2006 5:42 PM