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Now that (hopefully) everyone has caught on to the Nigerian Bank Scam, we have new scammers on the horizon.

Those clever clever Frenchmen!

I recently received this email from a young lady in France:

Dear sir,

I'm glad to write you this message to ask you for help because i need a sponsor for video games because my husband is manadging some teams of "Counter-Strike" video game and he needs some sponsors for that please if you can help me to help him i'll be really thankfull thank you so much i'm waiting for your answer .

yours sincerly,
Mme Bechet

Naturally, being the sort of fellow who likes to help whenever possible... I sent back a letter of inquiry.

Mme Bechet,
What kind of sponsorship? I'm not sure what you are looking for exactly.
Also, what do you mean that your husband is manadging some teams of "Counter-Strike" video game?

Sensing a kindred spirit, or an easy mark, she promptly replied...

Dear sir,

First, i would like to thank you about your answer and conserning the
"Counter strike video game " it's a video game it names Counter-Strike is
the 1 online action game in the world. Engage in a realistic brand of
counter-terrorist warfare in this popular team-based game. Take out enemy
sites. Rescue hostages. Your role affects your team's success. Your team's
success affects your role.
so My husband gets a team that contains 5 players and we are looking for
sponsorship that can pay for the players the movements, inscriptions, ecrans
housings, restaurants and hotels. If you are interessted please give me an
answer as soon as possible thank you so much again.
                           yours sincerly,
                             Mme Bechet

Wow... she doesn't want me to pay her husband to sit at home and play video games all day, she want me to pay him to travel with 4 of his buddies and eat out all the time and play games all day!!  Man... of course I'll help!! Where do I sign?? So, again I reply... with haste (this is such a worthwhile cause after all...)

Mme Bechet,

Ok, I already know what Counter Strike is. What I'm still trying
to understand is why your husband and his team need a sponsorship.

Are you saying that they will be playing Counter Strike all day in
order to get really good, so they need someone to support them since
they won't have jobs?

Once they get really good, then what? Do they go compete somewhere
for a monetary prize, or would I be supporting them for life?

Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from her yet... but hopefully I will soon.

I have to hand it to Rory... your people sure are crafty! If only you would harness your powers for good! Just imagine what could be accomplished.

(sorry Rory, I couldn't resist. No disrespect actually intended. I like Rory.)

Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2005 7:45 AM General Interest | Back to top

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