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Hey Hey Super Early adopters, if you’re using Neo4j and you’re a Visual Studio developer (which probably means I’ve just lot 99% of the audience :)) please try Neo4j Console, it’s an extension for Visual Studio 2013 that allows you to make calls to your local (or remote) server instance of Neo4j.

So, once you’ve downloaded it – the question I guess is HOW DO I USE THAT!!!??

Opening It

Once installed, it finds itself in the ‘View->Other Windows’ menu, it’s called ‘Neo4j Console’, just like the picture below shows:


Cool – so we have it on the screen now.


Type what you want into the bottom box, press CTRL+ENTER and KAPOW! your cypher is sent over to the server, whereby it will (hopefully) respond to you and display that response in a pleasing way:


It should accept any valid Cypher that the server will accept, Creates pose no problem:


If there is a problem, it’ll let you know:



  • Remember to press CTRL+ENTER to send your cypher to the server.
  • Pressing the Up & Down arrow keys in the ‘Cypher’ box will scroll up and down through your previous cypher entries (sometimes it’s a bit odd about how it does this – fixes en route)

Open Source?

It will be soon – I just want to tidy it up a bit, but then it’s all guns blazing to an open source repo near you!


Email me, twitter me, LET ME KNOW!! (Please!!)

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