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Pro BizTalk 2009 Pro BizTalk 2009

A compendium of best practices and implementation wisdom, Pro BizTalk 2009 is based upon real feedback from BizTalk developers. BizTalk experts and authors George Dunphy, Sergei Moukhnitski, Carmai Constant, and Nkishi Kayembe share their experiences and expertise to teach you the art of creating a BizTalk solution using the right tools from the BizTalk 2009 toolbox.

by George Dunphy, Sergei Moukhnitski, Carmai Constant, Nkishi Kayembe | ISBN-13: 978-1-4302-1981-1 | Not Yet Published | 650pp. | $54.99
Pro BAM in BizTalk Server 2009 Pro BAM in BizTalk Server 2009

In a world rich with data, businesses are barraged with information. Enter Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 and its new Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) engine. This engine enables business analytics, metrics, and reporting across an integrated environment, and allows business–level users to get information about how processes are working and how they can be improved. In Pro BAM in BizTalk Server 2009 you’ll experience hands–on exercises in BizTalk Business Activity Monitoring to architect, instrument, and implement real–world business processes. You’ll also compare, contrast, and integrate business intelligence (BI) offerings on the Microsoft stack of technologies, and gain important perspective on how to shift from a “rear–view mirror reporting” methodology to a fast–forward thinking, proactive approach to BI.

by Geoff Snowman, Jeff Sanders | ISBN-13: 978-1-4302-1914-9 | Not Yet Published | 320pp. | $49.99
Pro RFID in BizTalk Server 2009 Pro RFID in BizTalk Server 2009

With extensive code and configuration examples and multiple case studies illustrating how the BizTalk RFID application is being used in various industries, authors Ram Venkatesh, the lead developer of the BizTalk RFID platform, Mark Simms, a leading architect and developer of BizTalk RFID solutions, and Mark Beckner, a BizTalk Server and enterprise architecture specialist, ensure that you will gain the insight and master the tools necessary to be able to confidently and efficiently implement a BizTalk RFID solution.

by Mark Beckner, Mark Simms, Ram Venkatesh | ISBN-13: 978-1-4302-1837-1 | Will Publish Mar 2009 | 336pp. | $49.99 | eBook available
Pro Mapping in BizTalk Server 2009 Pro Mapping in BizTalk Server 2009

Learn good map design techniques for BizTalk Server and you will make huge differences to the processing speed of your implementation, as well as to the scalability and maintainability of your code. Regardless of your experience, expert authors Jim Dawson and John Wainwright ensure you make the right choices to reap the rewards and avoid the potential penalties of poor design.

by Jim Dawson, John Wainwright | ISBN-13: 978-1-4302-1857-9 | Will Publish Mar 2009 | 500pp. | $49.99
SOA Patterns with BizTalk Server 2009
   Implement SOA strategies for BizTalk Server solutions
  • Discusses core principles of SOA and shows them applied to BizTalk solutions
  • The most thorough examination of BizTalk and WCF integration in any available book
  • Leading insight into the new WCF SQL Server Adapter, UDDI Services version 3, and ESB Guidance 2.0
  • Loaded with examples, demo code, and screenshots, which explain how to design schemas, build WSDL-first endpoints, build loosely coupled orchestrations and, much more
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