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It’s no secret that I was pretty miserable at CBIZ early this year (January & February timeframes).  At that time I was looking for something permanent.  I was also looking for some side work.  I met a fellow who owns a software development company.  We chatted back and forth for many weeks. 

We could not, however, come to an agreement on duration and price.  I wasn’t willing to leave my full-time job for a two-month contract.  He didn’t want to take me on for a small contract and leave me hanging without a job.  You get the picture. 

In the meantime, I told him that I am thinking of starting my own business on the side.  We signed non-disclose agreements and I shared my business idea with him.  He loved the idea and wanted to partner.  He has funds, I have ideas, and he thought it might be a good match.

I wasn’t very comfortable with him and he seemed to sense that.   About six weeks ago (getting close to seven now), he approached me with a proposition.  He wanted me to take a “leadership role” with his company and develop a comfort level with him.

New Job Opportunity

I was skeptical but interested so I decided to meet with him again.  I didn’t want this to turn into an “all responsibility / no authority” position.  I told him this and he said that he wants me to join as Director of Technology.  I was still skeptical and I discussed many issues with him. 

 I discussed my concerns that he would micro-manage me; that he would not give me necessary funding to accomplish goals; that although he wants change, he will not be willing to make the necessary cultural changes; and so on and so on.

 He addressed my concerns.  Furthermore, he told me that he understands that I want to start my own business.  He said that if, in a year or so, I still want to do that without him, no hard feelings if I leave.  In the meantime, he said that I will get an opportunity to learn about running a business.

 Ultimately, I chose to take the job.  I start on 7/24 with NetVentures Corporation (  Most of my friends and colleagues feel that this is a more appropriate position for me and that being a “developer” is not the best fit for me.  I hope they’re right!

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That's nice! Congrats Brian!

I wish I could have the same opportunity that you had in the future.
Left by Keith Rull on Jul 23, 2007 6:36 PM

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