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I guess we all had a 'aha' moment when fund out what our friends talking about was just something you'd call it differently which made you totally missed out the first half of the conversation.
I sure had one - when my friend pronounced SOA as sooooa like in Noah. But that’s just the different of pronunciation. We can still communicate by writing SOA down.
What makes it more difficult to communicate is the definition of taxonomy, which is supposed to be a map. Here is an example we are facing in BPM today. I map the two sets of taxonomy hoping it’ll help in understanding and communicating BPM idea and development.

Used-to-be Product
Collaboration-Centric Process Automation
Document processes
People-Centric Process Automation
Human-centric BPM
System-Centric Process Automation
Integration-centric BPM
Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 10:51 AM BPM and Enterprise Architecture | Back to top

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