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I hit problems in an orchestration consuming WCF services exposed by Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (AX6). When attempting to catch a fault response, I was getting the error "received unexpected message type ''"

In order to fix this, I needed to change the schema for the fault message in the port type that had been created using "Add Generated Items." I changed it to the SOAP 1.2 fault type.

Select Soap 1.2 Fault Schema

Thanks to this blog for pointing me in this direction:

posted on Monday, April 4, 2011 11:54 AM


# re: Catching Faults from Dynamics AX 2012 WCF services 9/25/2014 3:13 AM Tuan Lam
Hi Charlie,

I have the same problem like you described. I have changed AifFaultFault to BTS.soap_envelope_1__2.Fault. But I still get a suspended item. Do you have to change the properties in the send port as well?

# re: Catching Faults from Dynamics AX 2012 WCF services 9/25/2014 9:59 PM Tuan Lam
Never mind. I have resolved it. I need to use BTS.soap_envelope_1__1.Fault instead of BTS.soap_envelope_1__2.Fault, because I use basicHttp.

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