Windows Mobile Development – Beginning Widget Development, Widget Emulator Project

Continuing to share some helpful mobile development tools I find. In this post, Widgets. [If you attended one of my community talks, this is the blog post I mentioned.]

The best resource for the Widget's details is the blog and MSDN page. That is what I used to prepare for my presentation and write a few widgets.
The Widgets are incredibly simple. I was suprised once I read up on everything I can find. That is it. It’s all there is. Incredibly simple in v1 of Widgets for Windows Phone OS.

1. Setting up and Getting started blog post:

2. Follow the new Windows Mobile blog – they have a running serious on Widget development that would be repetative to repeat here for now:

3. Comprehensive official Widget MSDN article detailing the Widget API: 

So what do I do original, you ask? I use a modified version of this:

Widgets Emulator by Mikael Söderström
This tool has been an extremely helpful tool in building Widgets’ UI for different resolutions & layouts. I simply code around the Widget API requests for now with if (false==devmode) { } kind of stuff so I can test all the UI and web code. To think of it, menu’s and API calls are not pivotal to what your app does for the most part. I am still tweaking how I work with this Emulator. I want to do some things differently or contribute to this project. But nevertheless this is stellar tool for UI testing. Thank you Mikael! 


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