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This in reply to AngryCode [himself] read his post RE: Microsoft WindowsMobile on pains of moving from SmartPhone to Touchscreen-only HTC Touch.

AngryCoder: Why Can't Microsoft Get Windows Mobile Right?

My response/story:

I used to have the very first SmartPhone Beta hardware Kit from Microsoft. Ever since then SmartPhone was an edge above PocketPC for phone use. One good form factor to come close was HP and Treo with "half-n-half" design 2/3 screen and a QWERTY input.

My first real production phone was an iMate SP3i SmartPhone - I LOVED IT. Let me put it this way - it was PERFECT. [It got so much heavy use as a phone it fell apart in 2 years. College.]

Then I had a TMobile MDA slider full screen WM5 PocketPC Phone. That sucked while driving. [I txt a lot.] Oh and I did have to reassign the email and internet buttons to custom "OK/Close" and "Start" so I would not have to move my hand up the phone just to hit a stupid X button or the windows flag to list the programs. After that I got pretty damn fast with the phone.

Then came from a very nifty Treo700wx, good one handed operation and a hardware QWERTY. Made my txt woes go away, although my palms[hehe] and wrists were getting soar from it's mammoth weight while I try to balance the sucker on my pinky while typing a txt at almost keyboard speeds. This phone came wiht programmed Start and OK/Close buttons, very nice though of Palm.

So just a week ago I got a WM5 Samsung BlackJack, I miss the touch screen and being able to skip anywhere into a text and continue typing without having to hit the -> key like 150 times. I tried the Moto Q and did not see too much difference, plus the Blackjack is narrower and is more comfortable in my hand. [I hope I get to play with a WM6 update to this phone.]

After missing the touch screen for a week, now I wanna get this phone:

UBiQUiO 503G - it's the best of both worlds + cpu/mem + WM6 + 3G speeds + QWERTY + touch screen

UBiQUiO 501 - is also a good alternative except it is slower and have no 3G Support . WM5 version or  WM6 version

...or worst comes to worst get a Treo 750.

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