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We have a great developer team. We make software. We also invest a lot of time and energy in ensuring that the work we do is excellent. It goes without saying then that our development team is a crucial part of our business.

As a team, how we work gets just as much attention as the work we do.This mindset recently played an integral role when we rebranded our company to better align with our values, the way we work, and our thoughts about software.

I’ve always regarded my job as a team leader to be a facilitator of great decision making, not just the one responsible for making good decisions all the time. Since I’m nowhere near technical enough to code anymore, I take a similar approach to enabling our development team to do great work. I help create an environment that inspires success—the rest is up to them.

Over the years, first with WooCommerce/WooThemes and now with Conversio, my approach to working with development teams has evolved. Here are a few pillars that dictate the way my team works and collaborates today.

1. Offer flexible, remote working.

Our team is fully remote, which means that no one can be that pesky manager trying to backseat pair programming or micro-manage projects. All members of the team have the space to tackle challenges in their own way and (mostly) at their own pace.

It’s true that diamonds are crafted under immense pressure, but that approach generally does not bode well for software teams. Fixing the odd bug under pressure is probably okay, but being creative and solving a problem in the most efficient way possible requires time and space.

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