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Today the WI .NET community experienced a great turning point.  I’m sure Andy Grove would call it an “inflection point”, but screw IBM anyway.

So, what happened today?  Well, a non-official WI .NET User Group welcoming party welcomed a newcomer to the area.  Somewhat organically, and based mostly on a blog post, 6 members of the WI .NET Users Group Executive Committee met at Fuddruckers in Brookfield today for lunch to welcome John Mitchell to our neck of the woods.  It was very cool to see the community come together, without marketing, without much prompting from anyone, rather from a blog post by a fellow community member.  We met today and had a great introduction to someone who is going to soon be joining our Executive Committee, who is on the DotNetNuke core framework team and who has volunteered to help us move our existing site infrastructure over to the DNN 3.0 stuff.

A great day for the community – welcome John!


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I'd have to agree - that was a pretty neat showing of community.

A lot of kudos go to you, Mr. Tinkler, for putting such a great community together!
Left by Sean McCormack on Jun 02, 2005 9:33 PM

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