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Well, I just heard today while out in Redmond that the next version of Visual Studio after Orcas is going to be code-named “Hawaii”.  Apparently they’re going with an island theme for the next few versions.  As far as I know, this is public knowledge, but it was the first time I heard about it, so I thought I’d post on it.

This also led me to think about something interesting.  Think about what it must be like for members of the VS team or ASP.NET team, or other Microsoft product team members to present on the (still) forthcoming VS 2005.  Guys like Scott Guthrie must feel one of two things when presenting on ASP.NET 2.0.  Either 1) must think it’s hilarious to see people get so excited about the “new” stuff in VS 2005 or 2) be really bored talking about “new” stuff that is 2 versions behind what is state-of-the-art to him.

Hmmm…that’s just an interesting thought.

Cool stuff going on out here!



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