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In response to my post on Generating a PDF from Reporting Services, someone asked how I would join two PDFs.  The problem is that I can't just take two PDF byte streams and run them together because there is PDF metadata that starts and ends each document.  The way that I have gotten around this is use the ITextSharp library.

Our PDFs were stored in the database, so we grabbed each PDF and appended it to the first PDF (I didn't put the code in for the data reader--an astute reader of this entry should be able to figure that out). Here is the code similar to what we used, but we put it in several different methods to make the code more readable (your mileage may vary)--don't forget to add a reference to the ITextSharp library and include the imports statements (iTextSharp.text, iTextSharp.text.pdf) as part of your class:

' First set up the response and let the browser know a PDF is coming
Response.Buffer = True
Response.ContentType = "application/pdf"
Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "inline")

' Second, some setup stuff
Dim MemStream As New System.IO.MemoryStream
Dim doc As New iTextSharp.text.Document
Dim reader As iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfReader
Dim numberOfPages As Integer
Dim currentPageNumber As Integer
Dim writer As iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfWriter = iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfWriter.GetInstance(doc, MemStream)
Dim cb As iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfContentByte = writer.DirectContent
Dim page As iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfImportedPage
Dim rotation As Integer

' Third, append all the PDFs--THIS IS THE MAGIC PART
Do While dr.Read 
    If Not IsDBNull(dr("Report_pdf")) Then
        Dim sqlbytes() As Byte
        sqlbytes = dr("Report_pdf")
        reader = New iTextSharp.text.pdf.PdfReader(sqlbytes)
        numberOfPages = reader.NumberOfPages
        currentPageNumber = 0

        Do While (currentPageNumber < numberOfPages)
            currentPageNumber += 1
            page = writer.GetImportedPage(reader, currentPageNumber)
            rotation = reader.GetPageRotation(currentPageNumber)
            If (rotation = 90) Or (rotation = 270) Then
                cb.AddTemplate(page, 0, -1.0F, 1.0F, 0, 0, reader.GetPageSizeWithRotation(currentPageNumber).Height)
                cb.AddTemplate(page, 1.0F, 0, 0, 1.0F, 0, 0)
            End If
    End If

' Finally Spit the stream out
If MemStream Is Nothing Then
    Response.Write("No Data is available for output")
    Response.OutputStream.Write(MemStream.GetBuffer(), 0, MemStream.GetBuffer().Length)
End If

NOTE: One thing that I have not checked is whether the ITextSharp team has removed the dependency on the gziplib, but if you are already using the gziplib in your project, you are going to have to do a little work so that you don't have two referenced versions in your app.

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